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Ode to Nodar Kumaritashvili (Feb 16, 2010)


Nodar Kumaritashvili – He died few hours before the Olympic opening ceremony, when he lost control of his sled during a training run on the lightning-fast track in Whistler, and slammed into an unpadded track-side steel pole. Nodar was only twenty-one years old. Few days prior to his death, he had spoken with his father, and expressed his fear of the track, but was determined to “win or die”.

Life is beautiful, and in this case was way too short.

Was competing at the Olympics worth it to die for?

Did Nodar really mean it when he said that he would win or die?

Incidents like these never fail to remind me that my time on Earth is limited, and I have to make each day count.

Let’s all live out our lives in such a way that at least a million people cry when we die.

I was looking for Nichiren Daishonin’s view on death in the letters he had written to his disciples in the 12th century, and came across the following story shared by Nichiren about a boy called Snow Mountains and his view on the unpredictability of life.

Long, long ago there was a young man who lived in the Snow Mountains and was called the boy Snow Mountains. He gathered ferns and nuts to keep himself alive, made garments of deerskin to clothe his body, and quietly practiced the way. As he observed the world with care and attention, the boy came to understand that nothing is permanent and everything changes, and that all that is born is destined to die. This weary world is as fleeting as a flash of lightning, as the morning dew that vanishes in the sun, as a lamp easily blown out by the wind, or as the fragile leaves of the plantain that are so easily broken. automatic translations . No one can escape this transience. In the end, all must take the journey to the Yellow Springs, the land of darkness.

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